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In Wyndham, our first partner joined us in Jun 2011. We now have 133 restaurant partners, serving over 46 different cuisines including Indian, Pizza, Chinese, Kebabs, Chicken. We work with the best restaurants and have had 17,268 reviews, with an average rating of 3.81. With a population of over 218,130, we want to feed everyone... What are you waiting for?

Discover local Filipino gems

Filipino cuisine is a beautiful combination of cuisines from neighbouring countries, with a good proportion of modern dishes influenced during the Spanish reign. The intervention of the Spanish, changed Filipino cuisine forever, introducing produce from the Americas, such as sweet potatoes, tomatoes, potatoes and corn. These ingredients went from curiosities to essentials. Older, indigenous dishes have much more in common with other Asian countries.

Boiling, roasting and stir-frying were established as the go-to cooking methods and soy sauce, coconut and seafood ensured that Filipino dishes have a distinctly Southeast Asian taste. With an exotic blend of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Spanish influence, Filipino food is an interesting complex cuisine that Aussies have grown to love. 

Pinoy Diner
49 Synnot Street, 3030