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Pizza Hut, Delivered.

Get Pizza Hut delivered to your door!

Hot, cheesy and loaded with delicious toppings, who doesn’t love a pizza? It’s the perfect, one-handed, complete meal! Unless, you’ve got a phobia of triangles (it’s a thing). Wars have been fought over whether pineapple belongs on this wonderful invention, who’d have thought a fruit could be so divisive? But that’s the beauty of a tried and trusted Pizza Hut pizza – there is no snobbery or ‘right’ way to enjoy pizza. Just choose whichever pizza ticks the boxes for you and you’ll soon be relishing in mouthfuls of yumminess.

There really is nothing like biting into a hot, yummy, cheesy pizza, except if you haven’t had to leave your home to fill your tum – now that’s a good feeling! Hooray for Menulog who can get your food to you fast. Pizza Hut is the ultimate crowd-pleaser, but we won’t hold it against you if you want to eat the whole thing on your own. Whether you’re feeding your family or your footy team, forget fussing around with cooking (and cleaning), Menulog will ease the pressure and make every meal time great!

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