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Oporto, Delivered.

Get Oporto delivered to your door!

Once upon a time, (it was the 80s) a mouthwatering aroma of herbs and chicken wafted over the Sydney’s most famous beach, Bondi. A young Portuguese immigrant yearned to bring the flavours of his homeland to the ravenous appetites of beachgoers. Before you could say, ‘charcoal chicken’ Oporto was born, creating a new addiction with their now famous chilli sauce. Soon after, a sun (the Oporto sun) was born - and franchised.

When nothing can quite can hit the spot like a Portuguese-style chicken, there’s no need to stop what you’re doing when you can have anything from Oporto that you desire delivered to you. Imagine devouring the lip-smacking, succulent chicken, smothered in their famous chilli sauce without having to put a pause in your day. Menulog will bring your Oporto meal, hot and fast.

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